JMJ's Awards & Testimonials

A few of our Testimonial Exerts:

"Thanks so much you - have awesome service!!!" B.O'H. from Washington

"Hi, I got the thimbles today and they were super! Thank you for always being there for me for my requests and you do such a great job finding things too. Thanks again." S.C. from Pennsylvania

"Yes it all arrived safe and sound - many thanks. As usual my mum was delighted with it and now can't wait for Christmas so the set can have pride of place this year! Thanks again for having such a lovely variety of thimbles and at such reasonable prices (even including the overseas postage!!). Kind regards" A.M.M. from Great Britian

"I received my order and everything is wonderful. Thank you. I never worry about broken or damaged thimbles when I order from you." S.P. from Nebraska

"Hello, Thank you for inquiring. I did receive the order and very quickly; perfect timing for "Grandma's" birthday gifts from the grandkids. Very beautiful thimbles! I'm sure I'll be placing more orders in the future; definitely at Christmas time. Thimbles fit perfectly into stockings and into Grandma's case! Sincerely," M.M. from New York

"Thanks so much for your excellent service and delivery" B. from Ohio

"Thank you, this e-mail so nice - Thank's Denise, Jan and Arielle. My sister Andréa , liven in NY and make shopping timbles for me..... I very happy. Sorry my English no good... One more time THANK YOU....I love your site. One big kiss and hugh from Brazil" R.L.M.B. from Brazil

"Hi Jan, Yes I got the order even faster than I expected. It was a great birthday present for my girlfriend. She loves it. Thank you so much." B.B. from Idaho

"Thank you very much. I'm currently in Iraq and I had the thimble shipped to my husband. He said he got it and it was nice. I look forward to seeing it when I get home. Thank you." C.M. from California

"We received our order. The magnet is great! Our 5 year old loves that we have a magnet now with all of our names. I gave the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Thimble to my parents for their anniversary yesterday and they love it! My mom was in tears saying it is beautiful and perfect. :-) Thanks for another great gift" C.S. From Arizona

"I received my thimbles -- as always just what I expected! Lovely. Thank you to all and God's Rich Blessings." D.S. from Nebraska

"Thank you for your e-mail. My friend's mother loves thimbles and collects any she can find. I was really impressed with your variety. My order was even better than I thought they would be! I didn't realize my order would get here so quickly. I was very impressed." C.D.O. from Colorado

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my thimble on March 18th. Thank you so much for sending back the insurance money. I didn't know how well you packed them and being glass, I figured that it would be a good idea to have it insured. I now realize that you pack them so well that there is no way it could get broken. Thank you again." S.H. from Canada

"Jan, I did indeed receive the order. I was very pleased with the quality of the merchandise and I will be ordering again from your company soon. Thank you for checking on the order, that was very kind of you." A.P. from Pennsylvania

"Just now I got thimbles safely. All of them are so fine and I'm so pleased with them. Your SKILL is so excellent !! My friend and her family will be pleased to get them. Now I'm in a hurry to send them to her, though it's so HOT noon. I'm happy now, thank you indeed." K.K. from Japan

"I am very pleased to find Taino indian thimbles on your pages, you honor my people by doing this. Thank you" M.J. from NJ

"Hi Jan, the parcel arrived just now; nice and quickly. Many Thanks. The magnets are going in Xmas cards to my sewing friends. Everyone that's seen the Saint Clare thimble comments on what a beautiful job you've done!! The Poor Clare sisters are very happy! I'll have to order more soon. Thanks again. Loving wishes" C.S. from Australia

"I received my package of thimbles and they were all in tact and as lovely as always." S.C. from Arizona

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness--you even care about a tiny $3.00 order! Working with you has been a pleasure, and you can be sure I will return to Thimble Pals if the need arises again. Thank you again"   J.W. from WI

"Order received as requested and in excellent condition. You gals sure are fast on getting your stuff out, sure wish I could say that for other sellers." B.H. from MI

"Oh yes, I received my order very quickly... I had forgotten that I ordered the Bible tabs. They are wonderful... I put them on my Bible pages, very easy to put on with its template, and it is so easy to find the right book now! I love your site and all of the things that you have. I think that it is great that your thimbles include shipping too. Have a wonderful weekend!" S.R. from PA "The thimbles are wonderful. Your superb customer service is greatly appreciated." K.A. from Canada

"Yes I did, and as always they are really beautiful. Thank you for having such a wonderful site." O.S. from TX

"Yes, I did get my set of thimbles. And they arrived perfectly. I love them. Thank you..." D. from Puerto Rico

"Yes, I did... thanks! Love the Delft thimble needle case... neato!!!!"K.A.

"Hi, I got the thimbles of "Little Women" they were so nice. I can't thank you enough. Its so nice to be able to get these when I need them. because they are a really special gift for me to give my niece. She as I mentioned previous, she collects thimbles she is 16. I got her her first thimble. I always feel so proud to give them to her. I can't thank you enough. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I enjoy getting your letters. Best wishes." S.C.

"Hi, I received my thimbles today and I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to tell you that I am THRILLED with them :) It is so hard to find any thimbles in a gingerbread theme. You have made my day. Sincerely," D.W.

"Thanks for picking this up though - each time I order I can only say how impressed I am with your customer service! I always feel I am ordering from an organisation who love what they do, rather than just out to make a fast buck. Plus my mum loves every thing I get for her. We have never found anywhere with such a varied and competitive range of thimbles. Keep up the good work guys. Kind regards" A.M.

"Wow!!!! This was my first order from you and I am definitely impressed with the quick delivery of the thimbles. Since I have just begun collecting the president thimbles, I will again be ordering from you in the near future. I also like the quality of the thimbles. Thanks so much." N.B.

"I got my purple thimble bear yesterday & it is beautiful. Danny & I can't believe you made it. The work is fantastic. I am keeping your e-mail to show who made it. It will be a joy each day to see it & know a friend made it. Thanks so much for the hard work. I will treasure it forever. Thanks," L.D.

"My order arrived promptly and in good condition. My thimbles are sitting in a row in front of my monitor so that I can enjoy these new ones for a while before putting them in my thimble cabinet. Thanks again, they bring me a great deal of pleasure. Have a blessed day! PUT GOD FIRST!" Dr. J. H. C.

"Just wanted you to know that the thimbles and case arrived today. Everything is perfect! Can't wait to hang the case and fill it!! Thanks for the cute duckie thimble and the refund thru PayPal. It always a pleasure buying from you!! Take care until the next time!!" K.L.

"I received the thimbles yesterday! They are perfectly wonderful and I was thrilled with each of them!! Thank you for the careful way you packaged them for safe travel!!" H.B. from Iowa

"Such a neat lot of thimbles -- even better than your pictures (which I think are very good) on the web site! Thank you for the refund AND for the magnets! How very cool!" J.B. from Wisconsin

"My order has arrived ..... thank you soooooooo much! The thimbles, pins and magnets are wonderful - I am absolutely excited! Thank you too, once again, for the sale discount, as well as the extras you put in as a gift for me. I really appreciate it ..... thank you for that!!! The pins, magnet and thimble of my dog "Poopsy" is out of this world!! I just love it!! I will send my next order through to you in about a month's time. Regards to you!" V.S. from South Africa

"I had to tell you about the thimbles that I ordered for my mother-in-law ... She loved them. The personalized photo of her first grandson was perfect - your level of transfer was excellent - trust me I teach computers and majored in it. She loved them, I loved them and it made a very special first Christmas with my son A. and your special, very special going the "extra mile" paid off and the thimbles arrived before Christmas Eve - it was truly a blessing and I want to thank you for being there for me !" T.W. from New York

"I wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I'm so pleased with it. All of the thimbles are a nice addition to my collection. Thanks also for the extra goodies. The magnet was put right on the fridge, and the wicker thimble is sitting happily on a shelve. Thanks again for such great service. Too bad I can't leave ebay feedback for you. =0) " V.S. from Indiana

"Just now I have received your items. I can not believe these gifts. Wow! Especially my own name pin !! Tomorrow I meet my friends and hand these thimbles to them. They will be pleased." K.K. from Japan

"I received the three thimbles today in perfect condition. Thanks for shipping them so quickly! They're just beautiful; I'm so pleased with them and happy to be adding them to my collection! As always, it's been great doing business with you. Your service and products are always excellent! I will continue to check your website and I'm sure you'll hear from me again!" C.T.

"The thimbles are wonderful. I am giving my Secret Quilt Pal one of the quilt thimbles and J. a friend of mine who quilts a lot, and one for me. The quilt magnets are fabulous and are on my refrigerator. I may order some for my friends as gifts. Thanks so much for the gift & I appreciate your kindness. Have a wonderful New Year!!" L.R.D.

"Thanks so much for your very special service to me. Somehow I feel like we have a friendship of sorts... Best wishes to you and yours for a special New Years and great 2002!!" J.

"Got my thimbles Sat., and love them. Thanks for the birthday surprise! I've told several people about you and the great buys! Happy and Healthy New Year!" S.

"Just a quick note to let you know I received the red and green Navidad thimbles and they are beautiful!! You did a great job of packing them and I appreciate the prompt shipping. I can always count on good service and merchandise from you! I check your website regularly and I'm sure you'll hear from me again! Have a great week-end!" C.

"Thank you. Just now, Thimbles arrived. Even if it takes each, I am very glad to be great. It is very fortunate. I want to collect Thimbles of JMJ from now on. I appreciate for your kindness from the bottom of my heart." M.S. from Japan

"VERY good news, the first order from me with the southwest set arrived today, SO FAST, unbelievable! And NO Custom, great! The thimbles are so wonderful as the others before. Many thanks!!! I'll tell you when my 2nd order received. Best wishes!" F.T. from Germany

"You ALWAYS make me so happy!! Thanks!!" L.

"I think that you have done everything you can to insure customer satisfaction and I expect to order more thimbles from your site in the future." R.

"The Elvis Thimble arrived and it is a pretty nice piece. The Bone China and the nice thin quality are excellent and I'm somewhat an expert on Bone China production. I don't know how you can sell them so cheap!" J.R.

"Hello Jan, today the thimbles arrived and they are fantastic, a highlight in my thimble collection (I have now 1513 different thimbles so you see I'm a fanatic collector). The next order from me will come soon, that's clear!! Many many thanks. I and my wife love your thimbles... Nice day and best wishes." F.T.

"Hello, I receive today the package with all the thimbles. we are very happy of all this so nice thimbles. The package was perfect and the thimbles are arrived in a perfect condition. A +" R.N. from France

"Yes, it made in time for the party. I had a gift bag with balloons attached to the handle and tissue already in it. I watched for the mail lady. She came at 12:15, and I snuck out of the back door, checked the mail and it was there!!!! I opened it in the garage, put it in the prepared gift bag...Just in the nick of time.
Thanks for your help!! You made the day!!!" F.S.

"I just received your package. I am so happy to get out of the box. All is wonderful. Thank you for the extra thimble. I'm loved everything. I would be pleased to buy with you again." M. from Japan

" YES, Mr. Bunny got here in fine form and in super time. Thanks for asking! Your personal attention to detail is incredible! Have been buying from a competitor in Maine for the past few years, but your company is so much more fun, responsive, and your prices seem better. Looking forward to getting the new catalog from you." G.

"It was my anniversary today (3 years) and my husband, Michael got me the two little teddy bears bride and groom and a hand blown glass angel - they were totally magnificent and I cried the whole time I opened them. He said that you were so friendly and helpful and he really didn't feel intimidated ordering "girl" stuff. Thank you for making a site and company that makes so many people so happy!" K.K.

"Yes, I did receive my order, and I am thrilled. I think I've decided that your web site has the most beautiful thimbles of all of the web sites I've visited (and that is many!) Thank you, and I'm certain you'll hear from me again!" M.

"I like what you do. I am in sales and I appreciate the way you are. Thankyou" M. from CA

"Received my thimble order. I am very pleased with the thimbles. And as always your service can't be beat. A pleasure to deal with you." D. from NY

"It seems like I have made new friends...not just a business transaction." P.

"You provide a wonderful service and I'm much appreciative of your well-organized on-line catalog, your prices, your promptness in delivery, and your always friendly exchanges! Thanks!" L. from CA

"Thank you for your kindness. You are really very good to your customers" C. from Singapore

"Thank you so much!! Yes, I got the thimbles right away...thankyou for your timely service!! Thanks also for the free wicker thimble!!! You have great customer service and I will be ordering again soon !! Have a great day!!" T.

"I received my books and thank you also for the free gift. Thanks for your thoughtfulness." Claris from AZ

"Yes, I did receive my thimbles. I am happy with them and look forward to ordering online again. I really appreciate the excellent service" T. from NY

"I received the order and everything looks beautiful. They are a Christmas present for my wife who has been a collector for years. I am confident she will appreciate the workmanship and your own professionalism" P. from NY

"Yes, I received my thimble order and am very pleased with everything. I must say I have always been satisfied with both the service and the products. Keep up the good work." C. from SC

"Your service is beyond compare! Besides speedy service, I just love the thimbles."K. from FL

"I have received the thimbles. I do really like them. Thank you very much for the free gift. I am looking forward to do business with you again." N. from Norway

"You are doing a fine strive to please your customers. That means a lot to me and I am sure to your other customers, too. I have enjoyed shopping with JMJ Gifts Plus. I will continue to browse your site and make occasional purchases." P. from WV

"I really enjoyed all my purchases from you. You are very friendly & warm people & I'm so glad that we have had the pleasure of dealing with you" C. & A. from CA

"I received the thimbles and thimble fingers yesterday. Thank you for the thimble fingers! I love that... what a great idea, everyone should have these! And the thimbles are even more beautiful in person. I'm more than happy with them and they look wonderful in my collection. I'll let you know when the thimble rack arrives. Thanks again! (I'm already working on another thimble order....there are just too many beautiful thimbles in the world, don't you think?)" C.

"Yep, got my order. I was pleased with the fast service, the prices, the good quality of such inexpensive thimbles, the customer service, the speedy delivery......need I go on?
I'll be back for more!" C. from TX

"Yes, I got the thimble and it is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sending me a replacement out so quickly and at no charge. Your company is the first that I have ever dealt with through the internet but you have shown true customer service that I seldom get in the face-to-face world." Y. from GA

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