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Sojourn Bear Samples - Slow load, but worth it!
Vivian Bear
Sojourn Bears are soft, cuddly and colorful bears made with love by caring volunteers.

Sojourn Bears primary mission is to make cancer bear-able by providing inspiration and comfort to adult cancer patients through the distribution of original hand-made teddy bears. Its secondary mission is to offer opportunities to others for healing and nurturing through participation in our program.
Each bear is given a name by the volunteers and when given to a
cancer patient/survivor is accompanied by the following:

This bear is given as a sign of love and understanding from one cancer patient to another. To sojourn is to stay for a time or reside temporarily. It's our hope and prayers that your time with cancer is a short sojourn with a happy, fruitful ending. We've learned that hugging is the perfect cure for whatever ails you. At least if it doesn't make you well, just seeing or hugging a teddy invokes a feeling of warmth, security and whimsy in the hearts of all ages. We encourage you to hug your Sojourn Bear often. It will take in your joys and your fears.
Our love and bears hugs are with you.

Sojourn Bear Samples - Slow load, but worth it!

Sojourn Bear Sample - Slow load, but worth it!
Buddy Bear

The Sojourn Bears project needs your support. Monetary donations are used to purchase supplies needed such as the eyes, noses and name tags used in making the bears. Donations of non previously used fabrics, sewing notions are used in making the bears. Stuffing of l00% polyester fiber fill is used to stuff the bears.

Requests for bears may be sent directly to the area coordinator listed below:

Joyce Weigel:
36475 Vicary Lane, Farmington, MI 48335
(248) 473-1398

Sojourn Bear Sample - Slow load, but worth it!
Bonnie, Schatzie Pooh & Toby Bears

Donations Appreciated



June l8, 2001
Ms. Joyce Weigel
36475 Vicary Lane
Farmington, Michigan 48335

Dear Joyce:

Thank you for sending a Sojourn Bear to Mrs. Jenna Welch. Please know Mrs. Welch appreciates your thoughtfulness and sends her best wishes.

Andrea G. Ball


Many heartfelt thanks to Jan at JMJ Gifts Plus, Inc. and her daughter, Denise who is the Webmaster of this Web Site,
for the opportunity they have given me to present the Sojourn Bear project on their Web Site.
I pray that God will bless them both and their business abundantly in return.

Bear-hugs, filled with love,
Joyce Weigel
Sojourn Bear™, Inc. Volunteer

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