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Retiring SaleClosing Up Shops Sale Well, this is it, the time has come to retire..........

We are so sad to announce that JMJ Gifts Plus, ThimblePals and all our other stores will be closing at the
end of June 2018.
We have been in the Gift business for over 40 years, the mail order branch of JMJ Gifts Plus was started in 1995 and our online stores, including ThimblePals, began in 1997 and have sold, not only in the USA, but all over the world and has been such an exciting venture.

We THANK YOU for your business and friendships we have made and also want you to know how important to us you have been, not only as customers, but also as friends!

We thank you for your interest. We have been in the Gift business for almost 40 years and have resided in the Southwest for many more!
We have sold our products to Gift shops in AZ, CO, CA, ID, NV, UT, NM & many more states!
The mail order branch of JMJ Gifts Plus sells all over the world and has been an exciting venture
we started in 1995 and we are very excited to present this to you:

We have a 30 Day money back guarantee -- for whatever reason -- as we have prided ourselves over the years to having satisfied customers.
A business aquaintance of ours once told us the secret to his success is to treat the customer as you would a Good Friend and that is our desire.
We want you to know you are important to us.

Ordering is easy as you can use our shopping cart, e-mail, telephone or regular mail. We accept checks, money orders, PayPal (
or credit card.

The majority of our items will be shipped within a week to ten days. If it is a special order, we will advise you of the shipping date for your approval.

Our items are unique (an overused word, but we feel it fits) as they are useful, decorative, educational and FUN! Great to give and receive!

We take time to answer all inquiries and you may telephone, mail
or E-mail us at or

Thanks for visiting JMJ Gifts Plus, Inc. and if there is anything we can assist you
with please feel free to call 1-520-825-2433.

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